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Would you ever co-sign for a credit card?

Discussion in 'Credit cards' started by GuyMan99, Nov 28, 2015.

Would you co-sign on a credit card?

  1. Yes, I definitely would

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  2. No; I'd rather find an excuse not to do it

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  1. GuyMan99

    GuyMan99 Member

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    Nov 28, 2015
    I personally find co-signing for a credit card one of the most risky things someone can do! But many people do it anyway!
    So, I was wondering, how many of would take such a risk and help someone out? Of course, it's obvious the question refers to helping out someone close to you, and not a complete stranger!
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  2. EmileRed

    EmileRed Guest

    Most credit cards have expiration dates of about 3-4 years. So effectively it means that R2Iers can keep a US credit card only for this much period?
  3. kay

    kay Guest

    any credit partner wiling to become my credit partner to help me obtain business funding
    im unable to due to my personal credit
    credit score must be above 750+ plus
    im willing to pay you a comission for ever deal you get approved and funded

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