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Ways to save money

Discussion in 'The lounge – Anything goes' started by Hank Rogers, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Hank Rogers

    Hank Rogers Member

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    Nov 15, 2015
    What are some of the ways you guys manage to save money?
    Do you have to jump through hoops or make big sacrifices?
    My wife and I constantly brainstorm new ideas on how we could save up more money each month. For instance, we noticed since we dry our clothes outside, we saved up some money on our electric bill. We still use the dryer, but rarely.
    Does anyone have any other ideas?
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  2. Maria-Teresa

    Maria-Teresa New Member

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    Nov 16, 2015
    Oh, there are MANY ways to save money!

    I always make use of coupons to buy groceries and to buy gas, and I saved a lot of money this way over the years! When I first arrived in the US, I was ashamed to use them, I thought everyone would look at me like I'm a poor, crazy person. But then I realized many people make use of various coupons and, honestly, it's really worth it!
  3. Kabazzi

    Kabazzi Guest

    I recently went to change flight times through a web portal.

    I went in with the understanding that it would cost me a few bucks.

    But the costs were ridiculous. There were add on fees at every corner, they wanted me to spend as much as the original flight to move the flight by 3 hours.

    Deliberately, I made it a point to call and find their support number (which they strategically make difficult to find.) Doing so saved me a substantial amount of money.

    In situations like this, be it flights, Amazon, Walmart, any web portal, the moment you pick up the phone and call a support center, you’ve moved a chip in your favor at the negotiation table.


    One, because support agents are measured by the speed at which they can resolve calls.

    Corporate has an exact $ cost that it costs per minute for these support staff to be on that call. It cost money for that person to be there. It cost money to manage that person. It cost money to provide him a desk, the software he uses, the phone he is on.

    Time is your friend.

    Two, your feedback on that experience affects their job performance.

    Three, they are well aware that the type of person who will sniff out the support number is the type of person that is likely to respond to that follow-up email to rate your experience.

    Four, they are also well aware that you are the type of person who will write scathing reviews. This is referred to as the Punitive Nature of Customers. Punitive as in punishment and the likelihood of said customers to administer it.

    I know this from working both at the front line and the corporate side.

    The rules of this game are,

    Start nice. (Get angry later if need be.)

    And more importantly, be very, very patient.

    Be willing to spend time on this call, filibuster if you need to. Let that clock tick away if you haven’t gotten your way.

    This also works in car shopping and many major purchases where a sales agent is involved.

    Eventually, they’ll be thinking, “I have just spent so much time with this person. I have to make some type of deal.”

    Start nice. Stay patient. Save money.
  4. itsmejerry04

    itsmejerry04 Guest

    I think this question is good to ask now pandemic how you save money?

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