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Radiant cash payday loan reviews?

Discussion in 'Payday loans' started by _andy_, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. _andy_

    _andy_ Member

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    Nov 15, 2015
    Radiant cash hasn't been around for long, but they seem to be legit. I keep reading reviews about them and former clients seem to be satisfied!
    It seems they mostly approve payday loans, which is great 'cause you never know when you need one! The best part is, I'm pretty sure I read they don't rush you to pay up too soon, instead they will allow you to pay your installments over a few months!
    Did anyone have any experience with them? Are they really the best choice for a payday loan?
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  2. Lory76

    Lory76 New Member

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    Jan 20, 2016
    Well, I don't know if I would call someone, who need to borrow a few hundred bucks but ended up paying back more than one or two thousand, a happy satisfied customer. Problem is short term lending can ruin someone, in a few short months.
    However, sure, I'd also say Radiant Cash is probably a better solution than most payday lenders out there. At least so it seems.
  3. Happy customers my ass! These people just deposited $500 into my bank account with a payment play that's going to have me paying them $2074 for a loan I never asked for or wanted for that matter. TOTAL SCAM!
  4. kate burns

    kate burns Guest

    Alfred, the same happened to me .... I didn't apply for anything just saw a deposit for $500, apparently it was deposited on 9-1. I'm trying to figure out how they even got my information.
  5. Joy

    Joy Guest

  6. Joy

    Joy Guest

    I would not repeat not recommended this company to anyone they charge 125 percent interest stay away from this company
  7. Jillian

    Jillian Guest

  8. Joe Colo

    Joe Colo Guest

    Well 125 is cheap I have a friend that was paying 364% outrageous why somebody can get away with this is amazing
  9. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn Guest

    I'm paying over 3 grand for a $500 loan. I needed cash to fix my car and this was the only place that would give me a loan. Please beware of payday loans!!!
  10. Ree

    Ree Guest

    So I really needed extra cash at the time, made 3 or 4 payments for maybe half of what I borrowed only in the end to pay back almost double what I had borrowed initially. I was able to pay of my everything but I was definitely shocked at the amount of money owed. Smh I can’t say that I will ever take a pay day loan ever again.
  11. Debra

    Debra Guest

  12. Bree

    Bree Guest

    My loan amount was 200 $ they take 27.37 out my account everyweek but they have taking the 27.37 out a total of 16 times I got this loan 11/24/17 never missed payments that’s 437$ I have pretty much paid them and some back already what is going on because I don’t understand regarding radiant cash
  13. Sean

    Sean Guest

  14. Sean

    Sean Guest

    Yeah Alfred i agree when I realized what they were doing i was stuck and when i told them i would have my bank stop payment on there ACH she become really rude and threatening... stating i would still NO MATTER WHAT have to pay back the total amount SMH Radiant Sucks don't deal with em
  15. kelly sims

    kelly sims Guest

    are they going to sue you?
  16. kelly sims

    kelly sims Guest

  17. kelly sims

    kelly sims Guest

  18. Tim

    Tim Guest

    I got denied from radiant cash lol is there any pay day loan companies I have a chance with getting a loan after this lmao!
  19. khaosnj

    khaosnj Guest

    dear every comment on here, READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU AGREE. radiant cash TELLS YOU BEFORE you commit exactly how much you'll have to pay back, exactly when they are going to take the payments from your account, how often etc down to the cent... like not in small hidden font at the bottom of the page but literally step by step before you can even get the cash and agree to it! they gave so many of these warning "do not use unless you're in a serious emergency, this is not a solution to long time financial issues, interest is %125 or whatever" like it was actually annoying reading so many of those warnings. like what did you seriously apply for such a commitment, giving your social and bank info up to a website a bunch of times and not read things?
    and lastly some of you just flat out don't seem to understand the world. no one including a bank, loan shark, whatever, is going to give you a loan without receiving the money AND THEN SOME back. these types of loans are for people with shit or no credit or who are in debt and therefore you're going to see very high interest on this type of stuff. learn a thing or two about life before going online looking for a personal loan.. you finance a car for 10k you usually are lucky to pay 30k by the time you pay it off! that is how things work.. why would anyone be in the business of giving loans just to get back exactly what they gave with no profit? yes it is high because it approves almost everyone and most of those people are extremely high risk!
    I am just blown away at how many people are sitting here acting shocked about what they had to pay back when they literally can't spell it out for you anymore than they do BEFOREHAND. in this day and age you need to be taught that anything involving money is going to be worded in such a way to trick you and make you act impulsively, you need to learn now to read every detail and more importantly UNDERSTAND what you're reading before agreeing to things. you sure live in a optimistic world if you think websites just hand out $500+ without a super inflated interest lol I'm really not trying to be mean, I took the time to type all this out so maybe itll help the next person understand before they get into something like this. I just really think it's basic common sense but even if you're lacking that, it was all explained to you many pages before you electronically signed and ticked boxes and so on. again I'll mention it was actually annoying being explained it so many times in such detail. just be careful and understand that when something seems too good to be true IT MOST DEFINITELY IS.
  20. Jaz

    Jaz Guest

    Well you guys if u was to pay the loan back within 3weeks top you end up paying only about 150 dollars more than you borrowed

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