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Personal loan for moving expenses/apartment

Discussion in 'Personal loans' started by JLSp, May 28, 2020.

  1. JLSp

    JLSp Guest


    I wanted to do some research and find out more about potentially getting a ($4000 - $8000) personal loan so my boyfriend and I could move out of state (IL to NC) and rent an apartment. I'm not even sure that we'll need that much, but I wanted to be able to cover all expenses without worry. We do have small savings going and we'll be adding more. ($1000). His credit is 580 and mine is 640, but I have credit cards (two) and we both have student loan debt. We both pay our bills on time. No delinquencies, no bad stuff on our credit. He has a job. I was laid off due to the pandemic and am looking. I don't really understand how personal loans work. That's why I'm trying to do some research. Do you have to pay everything back within a certain time and do you make monthly payments? What are some good sites to research with personal loans? Has anyone ever taken a loan out for this reason? What was your experience?
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  2. JLSp

    JLSp Guest

    Op here: I wanted to add that we'll be driving from IL to NC. My car is too small to tow anything. I'll have to do POD or U-Pack and that's going to be at least $1500. There's gas, food, and tolls along the way. The downpayment for the apartment. I'm thinking that'll all be at least $5,000.

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