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Need a loan

Discussion in 'Payday loans' started by Ann, Jan 31, 2017.

Need help

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  1. Ann

    Ann Guest

    Hello I'm a hard worker and stable.. I went through a divorce and my credit is broken, I'm looking to borrow some funds will sign contract and will pay interest. I live Houston, Texas. Where should I apply?
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  2. Daniel Yousef

    Daniel Yousef New Member

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    Apr 16, 2017
    Hello Ann, I myself went through a similar situation where I couldn't get approved anywhere I looked. I heard of a new program that recently came out that doesn't look at your credit or income, but instead is based on your property equity. If you are interested, I can point you in the right direction.
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  3. Cam

    Cam Guest

    Yea obviously she'd like to know.
    That's why we're all here. Lol.. But what's ur idea??..
    Oh crap I just realized u said it's based on property equity.

    One thing in getting so mad about is how u fill out some info and then u find out it's a lender.. then that lender takes u to another lender... I'm sick n tired of playing the never ending lending circle. Why can't there just be a loan website and u put ur info in and u find out whether ur approved of not..
  4. William

    William Guest

    I work for Nauth Financial Services. If you are looking for a business loan give me a call. We do not factor credit and there is no risk to apply and get an estimate.
    Work: 281-310-8219

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