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Majestic lake financial loans?

Discussion in 'Payday loans' started by RonBking39, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Cool

    Cool Guest

  2. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Good question, any response?
  3. Kiki

    Kiki Guest

    Did anybody find out what happens if you don't pay them back?
  4. Ria

    Ria Guest

    If you don't pay them back its just going to go on your credit. However they are not licensed so they dont HAVE to play by the rules
  5. Cory

    Cory Guest

    Well they have placed my account in a collections agency, but it hasn't affected my credit score at all. The people they go through are pretty rude on the emails they continue to spam me with though. They make it sounds as though I'm being yelled at since I'm not paying the bill.
  6. Blake

    Blake Guest

  7. Blake

    Blake Guest

    How did you stop paying them? Also Cory did they call your work?

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