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Forum rules

Discussion in 'About the Forums' started by Perry, Nov 3, 2015.

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    Nov 3, 2015
    Here are our rules to be followed:
    • Posts with advertising to your own site is not allowed. Exception to this rule are real lenders where a loan application can be made. Loan matchers does not apply to this exception. Offers posted by real lenders should however be placed in one official thread only. Example: Cash Central can feel free to post messages with new offers, start a new thread and post all following offers there. Questions in other threads can of course be answered too.
    • Comparisons, guides and white label loan sites don't have to waste time trying to post. We already have good lists here. We often get messages with the sole purpose of picking up visitors for the advertising clicks on their own website, which leads to ban immediately.
    • Cross-posting and double-posting is not allowed. Read the description of the forum section on the front page (hover over link). Post the same text only once, duplicates will be removed.
    • Choose a clear title for your thread which briefly explains the content of your thread. Try to use keywords that you think others will search for. A bad example: "Read this". A good example: "100 day loans, good or bad?"
    • Loans between members is not allowed. It is therefore not allowed to use the PM function in that purpose or to ask for a private loan in the forum.
    • Write your question clearly and with good language. Read through 1-2 times before posting.
    • Stay focused. It is easy to slip away from the topic in a thread. Try to keep the focus on the topic of the thread with your post. If you notice that there is a need to discuss side-topics, start a new thread. A topic with several different discussions becomes messy and difficult to follow.
    • The difference between the forum and chat. This is a forum and not a chat. So make sure that your post is relevant and contributes to the subject when posting.
    • Personal attacks. We do not allow verbal fights between member, personal vendettas or other similar behavior in our community.
    • Personal integrity. Do not post personal information in the forum. Or things discussed privately between members without both parties consent.
    • Search first. Use the search function to see if similar problems / issues have been raised and resolved earlier before you create a new thread.
    • Last but not least: The purpose of this forum is to spread information about loans and debts. Members ask questions, other members reply. The information becomes available to thousands of visitors who can read the answer right away, without having to ask the same question again. That's the biggest advantage with forums. For this very reason, one can not get their thread or user deleted after an answer have been received.
    • Under 18 of age is not allowed to register an account or post new content.
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